Friday, March 14, 2014

Los Idus de Marzo

Since i last wrote, much interesting stuff happened.
my brother did get to leave. so he is happily ever
after in the D.R. my mom nerves have grown, so
                                            she has been a bit hysterical this week, since he left.
and i´ve been working my ass off to save up and
pay my ticket to Europa Europa. In the mid-time,
i started school again... summer is gone and i was
a bit sad about it but, i must admit, that even tho´
it will sound nerd, i loved my classes. i have just 3
classes plus i´ll start my German class next week
and then im all set up to kiss good bye my personal life.
so forgetting my schedule problem i can add the
¨guys¨ problem to the equation. you would say no
guy means no problem, but the thing is that even
not having a guy to have problems with, is a problem
it self. im not making sense. but i met this seem-to-be
so-amazing guy, that look exactly like cory monteith,
even better huh?. looked like the perfect dan humphrey,
liked me and all and that, all, blow up in just one week.
was more of a chuck bass-tard than anything else. with his arro-
gance and all. then i have more birds on my eye, but it
tires me up just to even think about all the time it takes to
start something. i decided that if it comes its cool if not
i´ll keep watching movies and shows while i eat my fake
chocolate and pop corn alone or with friends. or simply
wait till i get to germany where my friend has already a
match save up for me. she is actually ruling for that to
happen, even tho´  i bet the guy doesn't even know i exist.

Im gonna stop here and finish with today´s moment. went
to the Chinese embassy to JUST ask something since looks
like they don't use the phone, had to take 2 buses and walk
several blocks to find out they don't work on fridays! yay china!
after walking 8 blocks to catch the bus back and do more stuff
and after waiting 1 hour and a half my bus im told that the bus
drivers are on strike... so i had to walk like 6 blocks to tryy to
catch the train and ups... it started to rain. and its just noon.
thank god i still have Europe. toodles !

here things that had happen this last weeks

cinema with Oscaarr

same week cinema with the awesome nahuel <3

i got to go out last weekend, thing i havent done in a while, and i had a great time.

my bother´s last night

 and saw one of my best friend for the first time this year. i hate our schedules have been the worst and make it impossible to meet up, but i had a GREAT night.

and today´s rain, i dedicating my wet look to my mom, the bus drivers and of course Carrie Bradshaw. <3

must say i dedicate this hole post to my classmate AND friend euge
who seems to find me appalling to blog-writing and finds
my personality interesting enough to be friends with it (?)
much love to you.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb´s news

So twice in a year make it okay for now.

February is about to end.
January was great, and feb was a little low but still super good.

my little brother is leaving today back to the DR.
after he got his diploma he couldn't wait to chau chau Argentina and run out.
even tho´it makes me a little sad, i know is for the best and i hope he does really good there.

so two months has passed by and i haven't really done everything in my resolution list.
but  it is getting on the road and I still have 10 other months to keep check check check.

Since I last Blogged, major things happened, OBVIOUSLY,  I bought my ticket to Europe!
and my friend did as well! ( a week after me and oh boy, so much pesos more..)
so we, are, sooo, soo happy we are counting the days (147! XP) and growing excited.
 We have a layover in Istanbul, for about 10-12 hours, so we want to try to see the city, even tho´ it will be at night.
 After that we are going  to Amsterdam and staying there about 3-4 days.
 I might meet my brother in law´s family, and HIM. FINALLY, but i hope i meet him first here, home, and then see him again in Amsterdam and meet all his fam who i think look sooo lovely!

Anyways after some non-known-family-reunion we are flying to LONDON.
 MY DREAM almost.come.true.
So i could not go to Europe and not visit London AGAIN.
since  i can remember it has been my dream to go to London and i have had make sure that anyone around me knows it too. (in case someone pity me and wanted to take me with them in some unexpected travel to England... didn't happen, but you never know.)
What i do know is that i am making my dreams come true and it feels amazing to do it
Anyways, in between those two cities we are meeting up with the fabulous bestie in the whole world, Khia. after sooo long of waiting :D i finally will see my friend and rock Europa :P

seems like a lot, but it doesn't end there!, we are must definitely going back to my dearest´s home town, the fantastic Berlina and staying there for the rest of the trip, obviously going around and if something comes up
 I´m no one to say no to good things :)
I´ll meet K´s family and friends, which i am so excited to, and all her favorite places around the amazing city!

for sure is going to be a big trip and i can only wait planning!, so ill try to write more often and not once a month with huge amount of news and dedicate more time to the writing part.

now i have to go back to work and try to keep up with my resolutions. ;)

PS. Brai didnt get to hop on in his flight. oh boy..

only time will tell...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Resolutions


It`s been almost 3 years since i blogged. I decided I was gonna try to do it more often this year as a resolution with some others like:
I want to write more to myself,
I want to shoot film photography again,
I want to keep an agenda as a journal like I used to,
I want to read way more than i have been reading
I want to smile more often and be grateful for the moments I am living right now
I want to live every moment fully and be ALL there.
No regret the places I am or the decisions i make. Be okay with all of them.
To know that every moment I choose, I chose it because i thought it was the best at that moment
and be happy with the good and the bad I get because... life is mysterious and God gives me only the things I can handle.
And because all those things, good and mad,  it made me the person I am right now.

This year for me, is going to be legendary, as Barney says, because I want to make it legendary and
its giving me so much so far, i can only wait for more good to come, plus I will finish the career i started 2 years ago, I will travel to Europe to which I`ve been saving for a year and ill get to see my best friend, who i haven`t seen in almost 3 years.
Meet lots of new cities, lots of new people,  be more and more independent, learn more the language I`ve been learning the past year and even practice it!

I must say tho`, I wouldn't be able to do all this if it wast for my mom, so I want to try this year, as well, to say as many ¨I love you¨ as I can to her, and dont give her headaches and help her more with everything.

SO, as far as this year has gone, I`ve been doing good with it, writing, smiling, thanking and even appreciating the bad days.

I`ll try to keep up with all.

Here some old moments I want to hold on, but i will definitely live again and make them better, live them more and embrace them....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

dont look behind

Everytime you walk away or runaway you take a piece of me with you there-


everything is gonna be in the end, if is not ok, its not the end.